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In the event of a casual vacancy arising pursuant to Rule 4 the Committee may appoint one of its members to the vacant office and the member so appointed may continue in office up to and including the conclusion of the Periodic General Meeting next following the date of his or her appointment.

4.1 No person shall be eligible for membership of the Society unless:-

4.1.1 he or she is a person who has a university or tertiary educational qualification and who is actively invoived in professional practice or research in anti-infective pharmacology; or
4.1.2 he or she is otherwise recommended for membership by the Committee in recognition of meritorious contribution to the aims of the Society.

4.2 All proposals of nominations for membership shall be made to the Committee by two members of the Society (one proposer one seconder). After approval by the Committee, nominations shall be put to a General Meeting of the Society. A majority of the members present at the meeting shall be necessary for the election of any applicant to membership.

4.3 Any person may, on the recommandation of the Committee, be elected as an honorary life member of the Society.

4.4 For the purposes of these Rules the office of an officer of the Society or of an ordinary member of the Committee becomes vacant if the officer or member--
4.4.1 by notice in writing to the Committee resigns his or her office or membership;
4.4.2 upon recommandation of the Committee if any member is in arrears in his or her subscription for three years or more;
4.4.3 upon the recommandation of the Committee passed by a majority of the members present at any General Meeting of the Society;
4.4.4 becomes an insolvent under administration.

3.1 In these Rules, unless the contrary intention appears:-

"Committee" means the Committee of Management of the Society; "Constitution" means the Rules of the International Society for AntiInfective Pharmacology lncorporated;
"Financial year" means the year ending 30 June;
"General Meeting" means the general meeting of Members convened in accordance with Rule 1 2;
"Member" means a member of the Society under Rule 5;
"Ordinary Member" of the Committee means a member of the Committee who is not an officer of the Society under Rule 4;
"the Act" means the Associations Incorporation Act, 1985 of South Australia;
"the Regulations" means Regulations under the Act. 3.2 In these Rules, a reference to the secretary of the Society is a reference:- 

3.2.1 where a person holds office under these Rules as secretary of the Society, to that person; and
3.2.2 in any other case, to the public officer of the Society.

3.3 Words or expressions contained in these Rules shall be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the Acts Interpretation Act, 1 91 5 of South Australia and that Act as in force from time to time.

The objects and purposes of the Society are

2.1 to encourage the study and advancement of the science of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and the dosing of anti-infectives;

2.2 to promote the objects of Rule 2.1 by away of scientific communication to conferences and by other means, especially by meeting jointly with kindred organisations;

2.3 to encourage research and training by way of grants from the funds of the Society;

2.4 to establish, endow, contribute to, organise and manage provident or benevolent funds for the benefit or assistance of members of the Society or to further its purposes; and

2.5 to do all such things as are incidental and related to the field of antiinfective dosing including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing:-

2.5.1 purchase, sale, lease, mortgage or otherwise deal with any real or personal property; 
2.5.2 take out all insurances deemed necessary; 
2.5.3 operate a current banking account at any bank; and 
2.5.4 enter into any contract on behalf of the Society.


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Anyone with an interest in PK/PD, dosing, resistance of anti-infectives, and outcome of antimicrobial therapy can apply to become a member of ISAP. We welcome applications from everywhere worldwide.

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